Terracycle schemes


Companies like 'Terracycle' are able to recycle items of waste that the local waste management services are currently unable to handle.

Here is a list of independent schemes that have already been set up for you on the Isle of Wight, so we can stop these items ending up in landfill site.

Click on the scheme to find out where you can drop them off and which items are accepted.

  • Pen recycling (Terracycle scheme)
  • Crisp packet recycling (Terracycle scheme)
  • Toothpaste tube & Toothbrush recycling (Terracycle scheme)
  • Biscuit wrappers recycling (Terracycle scheme)
  • Sweet wrappers recycling (Terracycle scheme)
  • Baby food pouches & baby snacks (Terracycyle scheme)
  • Bubble wrap scheme (Master of Disguise scheme)
  • Catfood pouches (Terracycle local scheme)
  • Contact lenses and Cases (Accuvie) at Boots Newport

So what do they do with all this Waste ?
After you drop off the selected waste at the local 'drop off' points. The waste is then boxed up and sent off to Terracycles processing plants. When it gets there, they are able to process the waste into usable plastics, which can now make various new items like garden funiture, bins and bottles etc.