Journey to Zero Waste


OK, lets be blunt. The Earth's resourses won't last forever and if we all want to live a long happy life, then we need to make changes to our use of resoures.
There are lots of easy "pain free" ways we can do this and it won't even cost us a penny, in fact it's probably going to save you some!

Simply, recycle a bit better, reuse a few more things and buy a little bit wiser.
Here's a simple guide to all the easy things we can all do to make it happen...

1: Starting off easily !
Many items can be recycled in your normal GREEN BIN at home.

Please click here for the IOW's current waste information.

Nearly all of us are already doing this, but let's have a look anyway.

2: New easy ways to recycle "unrecyclable" waste !

Many items say they can't be recycled, however there are companies in the UK who can do something about this!

Please click here to find out about Terracycle and other schemes on the IOW.