Gory Halloween Weapons

Jumbo Machete


31" Executioner Axe


Mini Sequin Devil Fork


Vampire Slayer Kit

£7.99 SOLD OUT

Glow in the Dark Scream Knife


Retractable Dagger


26" Ancient Axe


Jumbo Chainsaw


Fright Glove


Bloody Axe


Jumbo Medievel Sword


Bloody Scream Knife with oozing blood effect






Since the Zombie outbreak of October 2012, the virus has spread around the globe. Our only hope is to find a vaccine, which is thought to be located at the origin of where

the virus was created – Puckpool Park.

Park of the Dead Apocalypse continues from the events of Halloween 2014.  This time we are making the groups even smaller to give you a much more up-close & personal experience! At the moment the specific details of the tours are confidential, plus… we want to keep you in the dark!!


These images are just a small sample of the Outfits & Accessories that we have in store.

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