1970's & Disco

Adult 1970's & Disco Costumes and Accessories

Blue Abba

Mamma Mia


Frilly Disco Shirt

(also in pink, red & black)


Seventies Tash

(also in brown & black)


Pimp Hat


1970's - David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust


Flick Wig (also available in Brunette)


Star Shaped



Super Dollar Necklace


Saturday Night Fever

White Disco Suit


Glamourama (other colours available)


Jumbo Star Shaped Glasses


Disco Necklace


Purple 1970's Hippy



Shaggy 1970's Wig

Super Trouper


70's Elvis Shades

(also in silver)


Pimp Cane


Black Flares


Funky Afro

(also in black & blonde)


Sequin Headband

(other colours available)


These images are just a small sample of the Outfits & Accessories that we have in store.

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