Film Props, Jewellery and Replicas


We stock a broad range of movie replicas made by the NOBLE COLLECTION.

These are the same items sold in Hamleys (the worlds biggest toy store)

The Harry Potter/Warner Bros Studio Tour in London &

Universal Studios: the Wizarding World of Adventure in Florida.

Come & visit us at Master of Disguise 6/7 Watchbell Lane Newport Isle of Wight, to see these up close !


The Harry Potter range of Wands, Pendants, Maps & all types of wizarding equipment

seen through the Seven Epic Potter Movies.


Props from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings include the One Ring,

Elven Pendants letter openers and Weapons.


We also have Items from the new Hobbit movie, which include the Dwarfen map and key,

The original version of the One Ring and Sting.



Da Vinci Code die-cast mini Cryptex with working hidden compartment.