Rubber, Foam, Latex & Plastic Masks for Halloween

Child's Play Mask with Hair


Horrific Pig Mask


Hooded Werewolf Mask


Hockey Mask


White Robot Mask


Bane Mask


Hump Man/Mutant Mask


Deluxe Werewolf Mask



Phantom of the Opera Mask

only 99p

Hooded Zombie Alien Mask


Dwarf Mask



Friday 13th Deluxe Mask Offer £18.99

rrp £34.99

Mask with Black Ribbon Ties


PVC Skull Hooded Mask



Saw Billy the Puppet Mask


Scream Mask


Cat Mask


Small Black Mask

£1.65 each


Crying Baby Mask


V for Vendetta Mask


Undead Man with Hood Mask


Flyaway Mask

(10 colours available)

£2.75 each



These images are just a small sample of the Outfits & Accessories that we have in store.

Please visit us to see the full range of products.





Since the Zombie outbreak of October 2012, the virus has spread around the globe. Our only hope is to find a vaccine, which is thought to be located at the origin of where

the virus was created – Puckpool Park.


Park of the Dead Apocalypse continues from the events of Halloween 2014. This time we are making the groups even smaller to give you a much more up-close & personal experience! At the moment the specific details of the tours are confidential, plus… we want to keep you in the dark!!