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COSPLAY CONTEST at the Isle of Wight Comic Con

Northwood House, Cowes 4th & 5th Nov 2017


This Contest is sponsored by Master of Disguise. Over the weekend we'll be giving out hundreds of pounds worth of for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places on both days!


Some of the star guests and a special host will be judging your costumes!

To be eligible for entry, costumes should have hand-made elements accounting to over 50% of the build.


IMPORTANT: The cosplay contest is FREE to anyone who purchases a ticket for the IOW Comic-Con, but you MUST also add the FREE COSPLAY CONTEST ENTRY TICKET to your order before you check out.

(click this link for tickets)


Cosplay Contest tickets are limited to 4 per order, as there is a limited amount of contestants who can be judged each day, so get in quick!


See the updated cosplay page where you'll find links to security, weapons, and props policies.


If anyone would like some help to make their costume or just fancies talking to like-minded people,

please Click here to join the Free IOW Cosplay Group


Click here for more info on the guest stars at the Comic Con !

Dino Day18th Aug 2013


Thanks to Suzanne for dressing up to help host Dino day

Her Neice also dressed up as a Dino too...


Well done to the both of you !




10th - 11th August 2013

We were hosting a Fancy Dress & Retro Store at JACK UP THE 80's

A BIG Thank you to everyone who supported the event & everybody who came to see us too !


Bad Manners, Junior, Toyah Willcox, Heaven 17, The Hoosiers, Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Lambrettas, Katrina & The Waves, Orange Street and Dr & The Medics all performed live and there was lots of feedback asking to do it again next year ?



(you can even send us a message using our facebook page )



Need to find us ?

Click on the Photo for a Google Map of Newport

We are happy to show you how to look the most Horrific for Halloween !






Since the Zombie outbreak of October 2012, the virus has spread around the globe. Our only hope is to find a vaccine, which is thought to be located at the origin of where

the virus was created – Puckpool Park.


Park of the Dead continues from the events of the previous Halloween. This time we are making the groups even smaller to give you a much more up-close & personal experience! At the moment the specific details of the tours are confidential, plus… we want to keep you in the dark!!


The Park of the Dead series is highly rated and has appeared in the Guardians top 10 things to do for Halloween.